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Coming clean...

Posted by bigbadron - April 1st, 2009

It's been over a year since I've left the NGBBS. Many thought my departure was an April Fools joke. I can tell you it wasn't, and neither is this: I've been living a lie on the BBS. I'm not really like my internet persona, I was just a troll. And a damn good one.

You see, it was all a joke to me. And I've fooled many for a long, long time. There were others that could see through me, but only a small handful. Why was I the way I was? It's easy. The internet means a lot to some people. It was so easy to ruin their day in such a small little way. Banning people for no reason and making up excuses, deleting their posts, etc.

So, why did I quit? Well, it all caught up to me. Trolling the BBS can take a lot of time. Time that could have been spent doing other things. I lost my girlfriend for not spending enough time with her. I quit an easy job because it was interfering with my time on the BBS. Those two factors lead to me drinking heavily and fall into a deep depression... which just made me worse as a mod. I was banning people because I didn't like their name, because they couldn't spell right, because I thought they had shitty tastes in music, movies, etc. It was time for me to let it go. I stopped drinking as much, got a new job, met a new girl. I'm happy now, but I still miss the BBS.

That being said, I'm going to be coming back. I won't be a mod, and I won't be a troll. I'll just be me. It'll be weird, but I'm going to try to not slip into my old ways. Now, all you users that are reading this thinking "I knew it all along!" all I have to say is, the joke is on you.

[edit] just so things are 100% clear, look at the date of this post, and then maybe you will understand all this.

Coming clean...

Comments (68)

So you're not dead?

It's way too hard to read this and take it seriously with the word replacements. Also the fact that you post this on this day...

<a href="http://ngarchive.aksumka.com/bbs/">http://ngarchive.aksumka.com/bbs/</a>

So, you're really back?

If so, awesome. Welcome back.

Also, the Censors made this funny to read.

No, improvement is on YOU.


April..... fools?

Too soon.

Too bad theBBS is being deleted, so I guess it's a little to late.

glad you came to your senses, and realized how unimportant you really are.

Welcome back.

In a way, you never left. Solely because I kept your memory alive by whispering your name into the ears of children in a burn ward.

bbr... they're censoring me. help.


lmao this might be a joke as well

You're a sexy beast

You never left. You cleverly disguised yourself under the synonym of 'EyeLovePoozy'.

You remind me of one of those scary carnival ring leaders.

You're actually typing in capital letters for once.

That must be saying something.

Unusual, but nice! Welcome back to the BBS I guess, it'll be different seeing you as just a worker drone this time round.

Just a drone. One of us. One of us. One of us...


Haha, you're lieing.
You are not the kind of person to love people over the internet. You aren't.

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