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Congrats to Anonyflee

Posted by bigbadron - December 11th, 2007

you finally figured it out. this news post was indeed all a ploy to give me more attention. and it only took someone about 2 and a half weeks to figure it out.

you'd think me posting an obvious picture would have led you to that conclusion much, much sooner. i guess me blatantly stating my plan in a comment was just the clue you needed to crack the case.

you have completely given into my needs, which is funny when you think about it. you call me an attention whore, then post more things about me, giving me more attention. then, when i say this to you guys directly, you give me even more attention. watch, there will probably be another addition to my ED page with a link to this news post which, you guessed it, will just shower me with more attention.

thanks guys. i will live on in infamy.

[EDIT] 12/12

MORE inaccuracies.

Recently Bigbadron discovered his ED article

if by recently, you mean last year.

were he proceeded to combat the lulz by pointing out every grammar and spelling mistake on this page

it's "where." you'd think you would pay more attention to that, considering you're talking about misspellings.

posted a picture of a starving baby to end off his rant. Now under normal circumstances this would likely result in an account deletion

people have posted goatse and haven't had their accounts deleted. i guess i shouldn't talk though, because i haven't had an account deleted. ExcessivePlasma, how many accounts did you lose in the last deletion spree? LOL.

but since creating an alt on NG is easier than masturbation it really doesn't matter anyways.

and you call me an attention whore. you went off about yourself on my page. it's all about you, isn't it EP?

but i digress, thanks for making my page even bigger than it was before. it's good to know that people take time out of their busy schedules to talk me, giving me more, and more attention.

[EDIT] 12/20

putting "naked" in front of other words makes it funny apparently.

Congrats to Anonyflee

Comments (37)

Fuck, I wish I had an ED page.

An ED page about a Newgrounds user? I've heard rumors but I never thought I'd live to see the day.

Come to think of it, I saw that ED page long ago. I'm just now remembering it. However, even back when it was new, your ED page was never funny at all.

Bottom line, you have to be pretty fucking gay to get an ED page...


oh yeah, that's right, it's a satirical site.


Ron just go suck it for fuck sakes.

BBR for drama queen '07?
(Dobio's end-of-the-year awards)

that'd go well next to my "worst mod" award.

Why can't you just suck it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

ur so damn gay

Ah yes...the old "Thanks for giving me attention" trick to try and not sound PO'd :)

ah yes... the old "I know how this person reacts in real life'" comment.

Why the fuck would you give a deleted user even more attention by posting about him in your blog... anyways this blog should be closed and this user banned... if not for being a fucking attention whore, than for being a fucking moron.

why are you giving me more attention by commenting on my userpage?

Bigbadron, making 12 year olds cry on the internet.

look @ my profile i bet you want to be her

so, how many people have you put to shame now? i've lost count over the years.

Bask in it; bask in it.

I'm a pretty wild man.

damn his face is like BOOM.

Fuck em. Without you Newgrounds wouldn't be fun, and the haters know that.

Hmm hmm, ha ha ha ha.

Not only that, but there's also a sentence about you in the Uncyclopedia article about Newgrounds :
"bigbadron is a queer example, mess with him and you shall be buttsecks into extinction. - Führende Naziabteilung der Verwalter"

Love you, Ron. <3

One day, I'll aspire to get a page on ED. Or back on the NG page.

I'll find it on Random soon enough. :3

You're my favorite moderator :3

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